Bethany Waickman


In addition to performing, Bethany is also a skilled teacher. Known for her kind and patient manner, depth of music/chord theory knowledge, and clear, concise communicating, Bethany is a sought-after instructor at music camps and festivals across the country.

Bethany is also available for private lessons in Portland, Maine.

Aside from DADGAD guitar, Bethany also has experience teaching beginning piano.
If you’re interested in setting up a lesson with Bethany, or having her on the roster for your camp or festival, please get in touch.

Some of the places Bethany has taught


Student testimonials

I had the privilege of taking Bethany’s DADGAD guitar class at Valley of the Moon a few summers ago. Her relaxed energy and encouraging teaching style put me at ease in class, setting a great tone for learning in the group setting. She is naturally skilled at teaching and demonstrating tunes and chords bit by bit, consistent with each piece, and so helpful when it comes to putting it altogether tastefully. Even when we need lots of repetition she keeps it light and fresh so the students do not get overwhelmed by the difficulty or bored with the process. She is positive, humble, a talented artist and has such a down-to-earth style of teaching. She inspires the fledgling guitar student to go for it without making them feel inferior. Anyone would benefit from a teaching session with Bethany! She is a treasure-trove resource for anyone interested in DADGAD tuning.
Brooke McKasson, Valley of the Moon


Bethany Waickman is a superb instructor for DADGAD style guitar. She lays down a firm foundation and then moves skillfully to more complicated techniques. Her ability to transfer her knowledge of playing in different keys (without using a capo), chord inversions, transitions and various rhythmic patterns is impressive. She can break down a complicated passage into bite size chunks, more easily accessible to the learner. This is the hallmark of an excellent teacher. I’m so glad I took her course!
Cathy McGrath, Mountain Arts Gathering


I wanted to learn DADGAD after listening to Bethany’s playing with Lissa Schneckenburger. I play guitar with some contradance bands and this sound and style attracted me as being how you say quiet/urgent/just-the-right-thing for one on one with a fiddle. We built on the regular back beat straight chords that I was used to. We worked on G shapes and A shapes, capo placement for medleys, and tunes such as Father Kelly’s. Along the way, we went (for me) deep into chord theory. Always looking to be a better musician, Bethany’s sessions certainly helped.
Joel Gonzales, private student